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Proposals would like to welcome Wellness Proposals to our directory of the nation's best corporate wellness companies and wellness consultants.

Looking for Corporate Wellness Companies to manage your corporate wellness programs? Not sure where to find a good list of corporate wellness companies? Good news, we are here to help by providing you with a listing of some of the leading corporate wellness companies and wellness vendors. We hope you find this list useful in your search for a wellness program.

Preferred Corporate Wellness Companies

Infinite Wellness Solutions

Infinite Wellness Solutions - Wellness industry experts with an international list of corporate wellness clients including corporate wellness companies, employers, insurance companies, insurance agents, Third-Party Administrators, Employee Assistance Program providers, affinity groups, public sector groups and more.

Corporate Wellness Programs and Services: Health Risk Assessments, Employee Health Screening and Biometric Testing, Wellness Coach / Health Coach Programs, Employee Wellness Newsletters, Custom Wellness Programs, Corporate Wellness Incentive Plans, Points-based Tracking Systems, Gym Discounts, Interactive Online Wellness Tools and more.  Free Corporate Wellness Program Proposal Services

Free Corporate Wellness Proposals


Wellness Proposals

Wellness Proposals - Corporate Wellness Programs and Employee Wellness Programs are easy to find at Wellness Proposals.  Representing more than 150 of the world's leading corporate wellness companies, this independent wellness consulting company offers a free corporate wellness program proposal service.

Wellness Proposals is also known for providing the world's largest free Wellness Library which contains 15,000+ free wellness-related handouts, health promotion posters, employee wellness newsletters, self care guides and more.

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Infinite Health Coach

Infinite Health Coach is a full service employee wellness program consulting organization that specializes in Health Coach / Wellness Coach / Executive Coach / Life Coach Services. Infinite Health Coach has experience working with all types of corporate wellness programs and employee wellness programs.

Services include: Health Risk Assessments, Employee Health Screening / Onsite Biometric Testing, Health Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Employee Health Wellness Newsletters, Wellness Challenges, Corporate Wellness Incentive Programs and more.


Employee Wellness Programs

Employee Wellness Programs - Information about Employee Wellness Programs and all aspects of health promotion. The site offers lots of good articles and tips on corporate health promotion and wellness programs.


Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Programs - Information about corporate wellness companies, corporate wellness programs and employee wellness programs. This website offers lots of information, tips and resources about all facets of health promotion.


Wellness Search Engine

Wellness Search Engine - Directory of Corporate Wellness Companies, Corporate Wellness Consultants, Employee Assistance Providers and other Corporate Wellness related Companies


Health Risk Assessments

Health Risk Assessments - Information about Health Risk Assessments and Health Risk Appraisals including information about corporate wellness companies offering health risk assessments and health risk appraisals. The website does not offer a ton of information, but there are a number of good resources related to health risk assessments and health risk appraisals.


Wellness Companies and Guaranteed Wellness ROI

Corporate wellness companies are becoming more and more common as the demand and need for wellness programs grows. Not all wellness companies or wellness programs are created equally. When searching for a provider you need to be very careful in how you evaluate the services they claim to deliver. All too often buyers get too wrapped up in the price of the services and fail to effectively evaluate the return-on-investment (ROI) that a providers services and programs can deliver. In the end it is the wellness ROI that matters more than the underlying cost of the program.

Most credible health promotion companies and wellness companies will offer some type of guaranteed wellness ROI. They will have requirements associated with any guarantee that they offer, but that should be expected. A company can only guarantee their services to the extent that the buyer lives up to their end of the bargain. So, look for wellness companies that offer a guaranteed return on your investment. That helps to mitigate the need to focus as much on the price of the wellness services and wellness programs being offered.


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