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Enjoy these health and wellness articles which were written by industry leading wellness experts / wellness consultants to assist you in learning more about corporate wellness programs / employee wellness programs.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

What are the Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs? This is a question frequently asked of corporate wellness companies. Fortunately, the Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs are well documented and well researched. Before we address the Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs we should provide some background information.

The goal of corporate wellness programs are to deal proactively with issues like stress, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Primary prevention of illness and disease is much less costly than treatment. In many instances, education and awareness go a long way toward changing behaviors.

Many of the diseases that lead to high absenteeism and inability to perform at optimum levels are related to lifestyle choices. They are learned behaviors that can be unlearned. If you think this should be the responsibility of the employee, not the employer, you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. However, when that obese, inactive, smoking, 50+ manager has a major heart attack and is out of work for several months, it is really going to affect you.

Cost savings can be seen in decreased use of health care benefits, decreased rates of absenteeism, decreased numbers of accidents and injuries, and reduced employee turnover. The more you learn about corporate wellness programs the more you will see the amazing benefits associated with corporate wellness programs.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs:

Fit Workers Have Fewer Injuries

The National Safety Council in 1999 estimated the cost of workplace injuries in the United States to be $125 billion. Can corporate wellness programs make any impact on that number, and what kind of a return on investment are possible from corporate wellness programs?

A 4-year study of Xerox Corporation employees has found a significant reduction in the frequency and severity of workplace injuries among those who participate in corporate wellness programs. The study, conducted by the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center, examined on-the-job injuries of 3,338 employees from 1996 to 1999. The results of the study have been published in the July 2001 issue of rhe Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Of the group measured, 943 had participated in the company’s health risk appraisal program, designed to steer people toward a healthier lifestyle. Of those who participated in the appraisal, 5.6 percent made workers’ comp claims, compared to 8.9 percent of nonparticipants of corporate wellness programs. When they were injured, their average cost per claim was $6,506, compared with $9,482 for the nonparticipants of corporate wellness programs. There was a 5 to 1 return on investment on the corporate wellness programs.

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